Our Global Mezuzah Project

We will be reaching out to Israelis living in Africa, Asia and South America with an exciting initiative to send a Mezuzah, case and a guide, to all who wish to receive one. The Mezuzah symbolizes the Jewish flag as it is placed at the door post of the Jewish home. Our Goal is to reconnect every Israeli to his homeland and to remind him that the Mezuzah has within it a protective blessing that shields his dwelling and guards his soul.

We are advertising via Google and the social Media and thus far we have been very successful in reaching Israelis overseas through these venues. Our results are evident through our Global Chavruta Project for which we advertise in the same way and it already has more than 400 membersJ

There is a great need for Israelis all over the world to stay connected with Israel and our heritage and Ayelet Hashachar is proud to help them reconnect and strengthen their identity.