• "Land of Israel Settlement" Museum
  • The World Council of Synagogues
  • Shmittah Project
  • Chavrutah World
  • The Prayer Ship
  • Jaffa Girls at Risk 


"Land of Israel Settlement" Museum

Tens of thousands of school children who visit this popular museum annually will now also receive a chance to learn some basics regarding the role of the synagogue in Jewish life - because of the recent reconstruction of the old synagogue in Kibbutz Yifat. This unique joint museum-synagogue project has been a great boost for the Kibbutz in the relevance of synagogue attendance and understanding our Jewish roots.


The World Council of Synagogues

The Igud Batei Knesset HaOlami is a Hebrew-language site catering to the needs of ‘gabbayim’. The gabbai (synagogue sexton) plays a central and vital role in the running of a synagogue, and this site helps him to feel a part of a wider community. Synagogue laws and customs, aspects of community, how to run a service, and a list of synagogues around the world are provided.


Shmittah Project

Every 7th year, which is the Sabbatical (Shmittah) year, the Land of Israel must, according to the Torah, be allowed to ‘lie fallow’. The very complex laws of this important commandment are not easy to keep. Seeing the need to rectify this situation, Ayelet Hashachar has joined with the Keren HaShviis (Shmittah Fund) organization to finance and provide farmers with study partners, sessions, lectures and general encouragement regarding the Shmittah year. Ayelet Hashachar provides assistance to secular farmers who would otherwise not take part in this unique effort to allow for the spiritual and physical rejuvenation of the land of Israel.


Chavrutah World Program

With hundreds of thousands of Israelis living worldwide, Ayelet Hashachar has begun to spread its Chavrutah program to Toronto, London, Berlin and other cities around the world. Torah Study by phone is now possible wherever one finds oneself, and this program is likely to take wing with the right funding and encouragement.


The Prayer Ship

During years when the Land of Israel suffers from lack of rain, and draught threatens our very existence, tradition teaches us to turn to prayer. Special prayers for rain have been held in Kibbutzim around the country, especially in northern Israel. Secular farmers, desperate at the lack of crops and general situation, have joined together with Rabbis on a "Prayer Ship" on the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret). This awesome experience has not only left its mark on the farmers, but also brought blessed results!


Jaffa Girls at Risk 

These are among the most depressed communities in the country; Communities that suffer from dismal poverty, lack of leadership, drug and alcohol abuse and violence. Single parent families and an unstable home environment cause most children to fail in school, leading to high rates of unemployment.


It is difficult to imagine the desperate need. Abuse and lack of financial security often drive the youth to drugs and drink, and in time, tragically even to psychiatric facilities. Suicide attempts are frequent, young people plagued with lack of self esteem and little hope of dragging themselves out of their financial abyss.


12 years ago we moved a number of young families to Jaffa to address this need.


We were the first address that members of communities would turn to in times of crisis, often fielding the first response to battered wives or children, drug or alcohol related accidents, and worse.


To this end, a Youth Club 'Moadon' was set up to provide a welcoming environment where girls could meet for discussion groups, cosmetics classes, computer lessons, English study opportunities, social gatherings and activities, four or five times a week, for differing age groups.

We have a permanent clubhouse where young people congregate for social purposes, courses and lectures of interest. This is a safe haven for the large numbers of young people who’s home life is chaotic giving them an island of peace which allows them to believe in their abilities and concentrate on bettering themselves in the hope of eventually becoming healthy minded adults and citizens capable of contributing to their families and to society.