• Since 1997 we have sparked the imaginations of thousands of men, women and children, and supported them in their first steps towards a richer Jewish experience.
  • We do this with creative programs and activities for all ages and backgrounds.
  • We do it by becoming part of the communities we serve rather than drop-in visitors.
  • We do it because we care.

We Believe

It is our belief that the absolute necessity for the Jewish people is UNITY. This is Klal Yisrael’s strength.

It is our strong belief that with respect, love and good will, the barriers between secular and religious can be brought down.

It is also our belief that every Jew is a candidate for return to his/her roots.

Our History

Before we embarked on our path, the vast majority of Israeli youngsters growing up in Israeli kibbutzim had never entered a synagogue, held a prayer-book, and in many cases, not even celebrated a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

The secular Israeli community has felt ostracized from its orthodox brothers, because of lack of communication and long-held stigmas. We have made inroads where others have not been successful.

Through non-stop efforts, we are bridging the gap of information and communication between religious and secular Israelis.

Our Goal

Unfortunately, Israeli society is replete with divisiveness. It is our aim to bridge the gaps between secular and religious with patience, understanding, education and a shared Jewish experience.