• Academic Educational Tours
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs
  • Youth Lectures and Social Events
  • “The Lounge” (Bayit Cham, a Warm House)
  • The Role of the Jewish Woman

Educational Tours

This is one of the most effective tools in allowing secular Israelis to peek into the lives of their religious neighbors. Academics, journalists and professionals are escorted to and around places of historic and/or religious interest. Jersualem, in particular, with its deep historical roots, captures the hearts and minds of every Jew. The participants are brought right into the homes of families with 9 children, or taken to enjoy bread baking, to tour Orthodox girls' seminaries, and to learn Torah texts in a yeshiva at 1:00 A.M. Much more than eye-openers, they are truly revelations!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs

Children reaching the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah enjoy special study programs to prepare them for their ‘coming of age’. Boys are taught a wide range of laws relating to their Bar Mitzvah ceremony, including of course the technique of reading from the Torah Scroll. Boys also learn about how to tie tefillin while girls are shown the ins and outs of challah-baking and told about the role of the woman in the Jewish home. Educational tours to holy and historical sites give them a deep perspective on their roles as members of the Jewish people and the responsibility associated with this. These tours are held with the participation of their parents, ensuring a shared experience that remains in their memories for years to come.


Youth Lectures/Social Events Jewish ideas are learned in a fun and exciting environment combining study session, trips, outings, Shabbatons and Seminars. While imparting a deep love and better understanding of their Jewish roots, these events also provide tools to better cope with the challenges of the modern lifestyle.


The Lounge (“Bayit Cham”) This concept is an open-house policy allowing for young adults to join together to share social time as well as gain more awareness on subjects of Jewish interest such as ethics, morals, history and the relevance of Judaism in today’s world. Lively discussion often takes place at these informal get-togethers, bringing young minds to life and allowing them to pose questions about the world they live in through the eyes of the Jewish tradition.


The Role of the Jewish Women This oft discussed and controversial topic is takes an honest look at the view of Judaism towards women. It lauds the role of the mother and wife while allowing her to expand herself within her community. Topics such as Family Purity, Women’s lib, motherhood and more, encourage deep and introspective sharing and bring the participants to some unexpected revelations about themselves and the Jewish family.


Educational Tours
Yediyot Acharanot Journalist visit Ponevitch Yeshiva.