Our Mission

In 1997, Shlomo Raanan established "Ayelet Hashachar", a nonprofit organization working towards creating a united society of religious and non-religious Jews in Israel.

In "Ayelet Hashachar", we see every person for who s/he his, regardless of his or her religious practice or background. We have developed a platform that allows right to meet left and work together to bridge the social gap dividing Israel.

The Israeli public is facing a growing problem. Israeli society is being torn apart by a lack of understanding of what it means to be religious, what it means to be secular, and how all of us belong to the same people. Sadly, the average Israeli often looks at his fellow religious Jew with a measure of contempt and hatred, while on the other hand, the religious Jew cannot be open to the ways of his secular neighbor.

People all over are reaching out in search of meaning and guidance. Brotherly love, respect and acceptance are a few of the main issues we promote in "Ayelet Hashachar", as we are here to fill a need and remind the Jewish people of our common history and roots. We work hard to break the stereotypes on both ends of the spectrum.

Our programs are always catered to the wishes of each community with consideration and respect. Our programs are free of charge and open to the general public. Included in our programs are:

  • Religious and non-religious family relocation.

  • Bar\Bat Mitzvah programs.

  • Shabbatons with leading speakers and intellectuals.

  • Holiday celebrations throughout Israel.

  • Prayer services and Minyanim.

  • Financial support with building of synagogues and furnishing Torah scrolls.

  • Chavruta phone-study sessions for men and women in Israel and globally.

  • Learning centers in Kiryat Tivon, Modiin, Jaffa and Yearah.

  • Educational tours.

  • We are partners in hundreds of communities.

"Ayelet Hashachar" is here for each and every person who wishes to better understand how we all belong together - religious and secular individuals living side by side in unity and acceptance. Help us build a stronger Israel for your own present and your children’s future.