• 80 Kibbutzim Across Israel
  • Community Kollels in Israeli Cities
  • Building & Equipping synagogues
  • Religious Couples & Families Living in 42 Secular Kibbutzim
  • Celebrating the Jewish Year

Our innovative network of community outreach programs often begins on Rosh HaShanah, by celebrating the Jewish year. Our High Holiday programs for Kibbutzim include tens of minyanim on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.  Children who have never said the ‘Shma’ Prayer in their lives and 70-year-old men crying over distant memories from home are familiar sights to us, as we share our knowledge of Jewish tradition with Israelis who have never had the opportunity to acquire it themselves. 


Couples and Families Living in 42 Secular Kibbutzim across Israel

From the most northern tip of the country on the Lebanese border, down to the southern Israel neighborhoods of Sderot opposite Gaza City, no place is too far away for us. Our relationships expand the boundaries of the Jewish people, enabling an embrace for each and every Israeli, wherever he or she may be. Our staff, who live within the various communities, open their homes and hearts, sharing of themselves and making themselves available at all hours. Their homes serve as meeting places for social workshops, study groups and family meals. They pull out all the stops to create a welcoming environment and model example of true Jewish hospitality. Members of the community turn to them for sage advice on educational and family issues, as well as the entire gamut of religious life.


Community Synagogues in Towns 

Two major centers are Kiryat Tivon and Modiin, where we dedicate ourselves to serving the local community, creating personal bonds, and allowing for non-judgmental inclusionCommunity Kollels provide the structure and network for all those interested in more Jewish study. Staff members divide their time between delivering lectures, study groups, home visits and social interactions with their non-religious neighbors. This open give-and-take allows for both sides to see each other as people, to connect on a personal level, and dispel the preconceived notions that divide them.


Building & Equipping Synagogues 

Countless requests are received during the year from fledgling synagogue communities with the request to help them ‘set things up’. The first step, of course, is finding  a place. This can involve setting aside a small part of a Kibbutz dining room, allocating a bomb shelter, school or community center, or finding an unused structure for prayer services. The process continues with architectural plans, town planning, building sites, and much more. Ayelet Hashachar leads the way in building synagogues according to the needs and wishes of each community. In most cases a physical location serving as a center of Jewish activity provides a focus from which their interest and knowledge of Jewish matters can be expanded - not to mention enabling the formation of a cohesive group, with all the benefits that entails.


Celebrating the Jewish Year

Without a doubt, the highlights of our activities are our celebrations of the Jewish year. This includes Megillah readings on Purim with family participation, Succah building, Matzah baking, Bar Mitzvah study classes, Pidyon HaBen ceremonies, and of course very well-attended Yom Kippur services. Our staff adds atmosphere and information to these experiences, providing participants with basic background, practical know-how, and hands-on opportunities. 


Kfar Menachem PurimPurim at Kfar Menachem 2014