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Our Heart is with the South

The deadly rocket barrages of the southern communities in recent days have presented challenges at our "Bishvil Halev (For the Heart)" centers. The defense authorities have allowed only a very limited of our activities to take place in fortified centers.  We are doing our best to support Ayelet Hashachar activist families, who were literally in the line of fire this week, as they give comfort and help to the local populations.  In particular, we reach out to the Simtov family in Chatzav who had 12 rockets(!) fall in their yard, and our coordinator Tami Lifshitz, in whose Ashdod yard a lethal missile fell killing the young Avreich Rabbi Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman, may Hashem avenge his blood. May they be able to resume spreading Torah in peace and quiet.

Historic Matzo Bakery at Ein Harod

An historic and incredible achievement of Ayelet HaShachar was the establishment of a Mehadrin Matzo Bakery in Ein Harod, once known as the foremost Kibbutz of the virulently anti-religious HaShomer Hatzair movement. This astounding feat of developing relationships to the point that this could take place attracted much curiosity and attention; not only did families of kibbutzim throughout the area come to take part in matzah baking for the first time, but it was written up in several magazine articles. It is equally exciting to note that the majority of the 1,000 matza packages were sent directly to hard-hit communities neighboring Gaza, where they were received with great excitement and gratitude.

Shabbat in Eli'ad

On the Shabbat after Pesach Rabbi Raanan arrived in the Golan Heights with his family to celebrate with residents of Moshav Eliad. Connections were deepened with those who have benefitted from various activities that Ayelet Hashahar has initiated over many years on holidays and with project Havruta. There is currently no active synagogue in the moshav, but the possibility of establishing a regular minyan and strengthening the activities was actively discussed.

The synagogue in Kibbutz Megiddo

Despite difficulties and roadblocks that were erected by our opponents, we have been working to establish a synagogue at Kibbutz Megiddo for over 10 years. The synagogue is finally being built and we awaiting a celebration of the completion of the building soon.

Strengthening Kerem Shalom

No matter all the commotion and alarms taking place in the entire south, at Kerem Shalom – which, sitting right at the border of Israel, Gaza and Egypt has been one of the most vulnerable and attacked kibbutzim - life continues. It was delightful to witness the expansion of the settlement, as new families, centered on the establishment of the synagogue by Ayelet Hashahar, joining in a wonderful renewal of the kibbutz. Chazak Ve”Ematz!

Ayelet Hashahar Modi'in

The Torah Center concludes a busy month full of special activities, in addition to the regular programming, prayers and shiurim. Yeshivat Bein Hazemim hosted young residents of Modi'in with the participation of rabbis from all over the country. A Model Seder was presented by Rabbi Ben Zaken. A theater for parents and children about Passover. The distribution of matzah mitzvahs from Ein Harod to members of the community and potential Baalei teshuva. New families were hosted at Seders. The end of Tractate Chulin was celebrated grandly. All these are just a few of the uplifting activities during the entire month of Nissan and are a great beginning for a healthy summer filled with blessed activity.

Mazal Tov and Hatzlacha

Mazal Tov and Hatzlacha to our new very special family (lavon) Moved today to Yearit next to Shlomi on the Lebanon border
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