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Leadership tour from Baltimore visits several Ayelet HaShachar projects in the South

While on a leadership tour to Israel, a large group of American activists devoted a day of their journey to visit several of the communities in which Ayelet HaShachar is providing vital services. Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan made himself available to the group for the entire day, as they began early with a visit to flourishing Torah center and Kollel that has become a significant source of inspiration in Modiin, where many beautiful programs and regular learning is held. (It even has an online shul, which people can "attend" online when unable to come to a regular shul). From there, the group proceeded to Kibbutz Negba, a famous HaShomer HaTzair Kibbutz that played a major role as a bulwark in the 1948 War of Independence, and where many elite IDF military families live. The building of an Ayelet HaShachar shul on this kibbutz is a major achievement. The group then traveled to Kibbutz Beit Kamah, another HaShomer HaTzair kibbutz founded in 1948 by Holocaust survivors who were hostile to religion. Through working with the locals in ways of love and pleasantness, a shul is being built that regularly attracts 30 people on a typical Shabbat, with more joining all the time. Kibbutz Kerem Shalom was the next stop, right outside the southern end of the Gaza strip. This HaShomer HaTzair kibbutz, founded in 1967, houses heroic families that have been subjected to many rockets and katyusha attacks for many years, but who stand firm with Jewish pride. Many traditional families have come here, and Ayelet Hashachar has helped them build a shul and live a vibrant Torah life, which gives them the strength to persevere. The next destination was Kibbutz Sufa, relocated from Gush Katif to this area (a mile from the Gaza border) where Mincha was prayed at the Ayelet HaShachar sponsored shul. Dinner followed, at which the group was held spellbound by stories of heroism that occurred in the area, including an emotional talk from a local man who became religious after his son was killed while serving in the IDF border patrol. All in all it was an incredibly inspiring day. Ayelet Hashachar looks forward to sharing similar experiences with future visitors to Israel, looking for incredible inspiration off the beaten track.

A New Synagogue opens in Kfar Yehoshua

After decades of being closed, we were able to celebrate the re-opening of the refurbished and renewed synagogue in Kfar Yehoshua, in the heart of the Jezreel Valley. A few years ago, young people from the moshav approached Ayelet Hashachar, asking for help to re-open the synagogue.


At the inauguration of the synagogue, Israel's Chief Rabbi David Lau spoke with Bar Mitzvah boys about the importance of the synagogue and of their Bar Mitzvah. At the end of his remarks, one of the children ran up to him and hugged him warmly: "Rabbi, your words have touched my heart so deeply that I promise to come here and have my Aliyah laTorah for my Bar Mitzva!"

Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha: Construction of the synagogue continues

Givat HaShlosha is progressing in the building of the synagogue; plans underway for a grand inauguration of the synagogue in the near future.

Friday Bet Midrash in Modiin

The Ayelet Hashachar Synagogue in Modi'in has yet another success: a new study program for Modi'in residents who want to finish their week with an enjoyable learning session on Friday mornings.

At this time, the Beit Midrash, is studying Mesechta Ke’layim, with Rabbi Yechezkel Grossbard, an expert on mitzvot dependent on the Land of Israel.

Chanukah events celebrated in many Yishuvim

Ayelet Hashachar spearheaded Chanukah events in many communities, including Sde Nechemiah, Lavon, Neve Ziv, Kiryat Tivon, Moledet, Nofit, Beit Hashita, Matan, and many other communities where Chanukah was celebrated with much light and joy. Ayelet HaShachar arranged for artists such as Ehud Ariel, Racheli, Reuven Yaffe, Ben David, Naomi Margalit and others to entertain and inspire.

Hadran Alach Modiin

At its flagship shul, Ayelet HaShachar hosted a special Siyum HaSHas for our students and participants. Gracing the proceedings were the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rav David Lau, Rabbis from Modiin, and a special appearance by the Admor of Bitzkov Jaffa who helped convey the spirit of Shabbos to all those who attended.

Winter with Havruta

A special evening was held at the Western Wall Square in Jerusalem, as fifty pairs of Chavrutot came together to celebrate, some of whom met for the first time after a long period of studying over the phone.  From the Kotel, the group was invited to the President's House and were recognized for their efforts in helping diverse parts of the population come together as one people with a common purpose.  There were renewed commitments to continue growing the relationships and to work and volunteer together as they met interesting people from many different parts of society.

 Furthermore, the well-known performance put on by Chavruta in several venues last year, was performed recently in Hod Hasharon, and once again brought religious and secular actors and regular together, in a beautiful show of Jewish Unity.

In Kiryat Motzkin, Chavruta workers met with representatives of northern communities to teach and increase the spirit of volunteering.

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