Chavrutah was established by Ayelet Hashachar's Director, Rabbi Shlomo Raanan, in 1998. His aim was to encourage a two-way dialogue to serve as a bridge between secular and religious Israelis.


The Objectives:

·      To give each Jew the opportunity to explore and acquaint himself with his familial, national and cultural roots, through personal regular phone contact.

·      To bridge the chasm and build confidence between Jews of different backgrounds through the study of our joint Jewish culture.

·      To reconnect different sectors within the Jewish people, immigrants and long-time citizens, through a shared tradition and national Israeli culture.

·      To expand the awareness of the strength of the Jewish Woman serving as the glue that binds women of all Jewish backgrounds.


How it Works

We provide the opportunity for religious and secular to meet via regular telephone contact, and encourage personal meetings on subjects of tradition, culture and Jewish identity.

To this end, telephone partners are matched together by the Chavrutah offices, based on similar backgrounds, ages, professions and hobbies. The partners then choose a suitable text to discuss and analyze, with the guidance and aid of the Chavrutah offices.


World Chavrutah:

Via the use of modern media, we also encourage Israelis living abroad to maintain their connection with their roots and with other Israelis, in regular one-on-one phone contact.


Our Success: 

To date, 16,000 such individuals partner regularly in this way, mainly women, reflecting the entire social spectrum in Israel. Our offices are constantly bombarded with requests to join our program by those searching to enrich their personal worlds.

The idea behind telephone contact allows for a deep understand between Jews of different backgrounds. It opens an unthreatening channel for genuine grassroots change, allowing us to rise above our differences and find real common ground and abiding respect and friendship.



We invite you to join us in fulfilling this new and exciting dream…