Personal Story

Ariel Wilner says...
I'd like to share a moving story told to me by one of the participants in my weekly shiur each Wednesday at 12pm in our Center. She is coming closer to things Jewish although her husband is not involved so far. I mentioned the new synagogue Ayelet Hashachar is building here in Modiin and she asked me when it will be ready. "You know" she said "every Friday night for the last four weeks, I walk there together with my 13-year old daughter Michal, to see how things are coming along there. We can't wait to be able to pray there together with you all."
They live on Yitzchak Rabin Street - over a half an hour's walk from the shul! Unbeleiveable and amazing to see how much people are waiting.
May we be zocheh to see it in it's full glory.