Kibbutz Eilon, a small pioneering community one mile from the Lebanon border, was a place that idealistic Jews carved an agricultural settlement on land previously considered uncultivatable by the British.  From a religious perspective it seemed uncultivatable as well, until Ayelet HaShachar became involved.  Over the past few years the Kibbutz has been home to a small portable Bet Knesset provided by Ayelet HaShachar, in which regular services have been held, and much progress made to introducing Torah into this remote place.   In a show of how much they have become attached to the larger community, the members have just renamed their synagogue Siach Yitzchak, in solidarity with the Siach Yitzchak synagogue in Kiryat Yovel, which was the site of the horrific desecration of four Torah scrolls last week.  We look forward to their continued inspiration and growth in the years ahead