Why Did a Farmer Demolish His Entire Watermelon Crop?

Under the guidance and supervision of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, Schlit’a we have continued teaching the laws of Shmitta to Israeli farmers specifically focusing on the negative commandment, Kilayim (forbidden mixtures). In the case of agriculture: the prohibition extends to not planting different types of plant species together. We have emphasized this important mitzvah because most farmers in Israel not aware it.

One of the farmers who participated in these seminars upon checking his 2000 dunams/494 acres of watermelons, he discovered Kilayim. Thereupon, he demolished his entire crop—that was his entire livelihood.  He is the true “Ish Gibor Chayil” a spiritual. hero.

AH to the rescue after Palestinians Destroy Jewish Farm

Another one of the farmers who was part of the Shmitta seminars and our Chavruta project, kept Shmittah meticulously. His farm sits at the outskirts of Hevron. On Bais Cheshvan, 70 Palestinians stole his entire crop, destroyed the hot houses and all the pipes carrying water into the farm and hot houses. 

They laid waste to the entire farm.  Apparently during that time the farmer was not on the farm, and so he only discovered it upon his return 48 hours later.  Thereafter, police located the produce in a nearby Arab Market and managed to round up and arrest all 70 Palestinians.  But, the farmer is financially devastated.  Now, AH chevrusos are raising funds to the farmer help him get back on his feet.