Remember we used to ask “what did you do during summer vacation”?  Now it’s what did AH do during Tishrei?

AH celebrated 27 minyanim on Rosh Hashanah and 56 minyanim on Yom Kippur. We even had the honor to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah on Yom Kippur.

On Chol HaMoed Succos AH sponsored 32 Simchas Beis Shoevah and we held a special davening in Modiin, dedicated Beis Medrash in the name Shlomo Baruch and Chaya Kest from Los Angeles, the parents of Michael Kest from Los Angeles.  We also held over 30 Simchas Torah minyanim where we gave Aliyot HaTorah to boys/men from ages 13 to age 86!  

Also on Chol HaMoed Together with the Chief Ashkenazic  Rabbi, Rav Dovid Lau we were privileged to visit many Kibbutzim on the border with Gaza.  Finally, we were invited to visit, speak and learn with two of several Kibbutzim’s central high school: Ein Absor and Yad Mordechai.