They come before Hashem on Yom Kippur innocently. They did not know better

On this Yom Kippur, Ayelet HaShachar will be sharing our mesorah; with many for the first time


You have an amazing opportunity to grab this mitzvah for yourself and your family


$1800 – Bring an entire mobile shul, bachurim, machzorim, and Pre= Fast Dinner and Break-fast food to a secular Kibbutz

$1000 – Bring a Rav, a cadre of bachurim, machzorim and a Sefer Torah to a yishuv with an unused Bet Knesset

$750 – Bring Rav, machzorim, and Break-fast food to a secular Kibbutz

$500 – Bring Bachurim and Break-fast food to a secular Kibbutz

$250 – Bring bachurim and machzorim to a secular kibbutz

$180 – Provide machzorim and supplies to a minyan in a secular yishuv

Any Amount – Partner with Ayelet Hashachar in our quest to ensure that No Jew will be Left Behind


Tax ID# 20-1180744

When making a donation to Ayelet Hashachar you may choose from a few options:


  • Transfer funds directly from your bank account into our account.


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  • If you wish to send us a check please send it to the address below:

AFO Ayelet Hashachar C/O Allen Hershberg

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