Founder and Director: RABBI SHLOMO RAANAN

Excerpts from a recommendation by Nechama Wolfson:

“I have been acquainted with Rabbi Shlomo Raanan and his fire-blazing organization Ayelet Hashachar for the past 14 years. His is a vision of peace, building brick by brick the erosion of unity in Israeli society through differences in religious attitudes and habits. His platform connects the wide spectrum of Israeli society under one umbrella. In a country that boasts no less than 80 official political parties, this in itself is a profound achievement. Fired by a rare enthusiasm and relentless effort to address problems based on lack of Jewish unity and Jewish education, he enables dialogue at the grassroots level, one to one, between ultra orthodox, religious and secular, affording opportunities to renew and repair where the secular media seems to invest so much effort in dividing and engendering hatred.

“Rabbi Raanan owns a great dream, but he is no dreamer.”

It is a rare man that sleeps so little and gives so much of his persona to a cause that brings him no financial gain – to the contrary. He can be seen daily criss-crossing the country in an effort to reach one more individual with his message of unity.

People warm to his signature smile, his ready wit and his encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish subjects and topics of daily interest. His enthusiasm is infectious, and anyone who encounters his intense efforts is drawn to join him.

His long-term aim is to continue to encourage through widespread study and friendship projects, enhancing a more educated, tolerant and cohesive Israeli society.

As his motto goes: No Israeli is ever too far away.”