Our first Mobile Schul was delivered to Kibbutz Elon (located close to Nahariya, near the Lebanon border) on the 8th of Av, 12-August 2016! We received a beautiful thank you note from one of the members who wrote: “. . . for the past five years we were struggling together against the administration of the Kibbutz, local community council and Israel Land Authority for permission to have a schul! A.H. was there patiently supporting, pushing, helping, listening, guiding and negotiating with such great sensitivity and intelligence—and we finally succeeded. Last Friday, the eve of of "Tisha B'Av" we prayed for the first time in our mobile synagogue. I have no words to describe the feeling of elation, joy, and satisfaction that gripped the congregation and the members of our Kibbutz! We came to the land about 80 years ago or so, and until today we never had a Schul.. . .On a Personal note, my grandmother OBM, lost her parents and seven siblings in the Shoa. They were all from Romania and were deported to Auschwitz. My grandmother lived with that trauma all her life. She shared what happened to her with my mother, may she live till 120, who shared it with me. My relatives were murdered only because they were Jewish! Today, when I prayed in that Schul I knew that we were victorious over the Nazis, may their name be forever blotted out!”


This Secular Moshav formerly a Kibbutz, is located in the middle of one of the largest Arab cities, between Hadera and Afula, known as “Um el Fahem.” In fact, because of the location, members’ lives are stake every minute! In the 1970’s the Kibbutz disbanded temporarily. The neighboring Arabs destroyed their homes and burned their fields! A.H. has been working with there for the past ten years. They now have a small Schul. More recently, they asked for Mezuzot to be placed on their communal buildings. A.H. together with a Sofer (Scribe) presented a special program explaining the significance of a Mezuza and of a Sefer Torah. Both adults and children attended and participated listening and watching as we placed tens of Mezuzot on buildings throughout the Moshav. Mazal Tov to Meh Ami on taking this big step! May we continue to grow and go from strength to strength!


Pelephone employees located at the headquarters in Givatayim wanted a the Sefer Torah, and a place to Daven. The administration was not keen on this idea. But, through their persistence, they secured a small room where they now daven. AH donated the Sefer Torah on three conditions: (1) they read from it every Monday and Thursday; (2) the employees of a large insurance company located in the next building be permitted to daven with the Pelephone employees, and (3) every employee at Pelephone (1,000 of them) be invited to attend. Men would be given Aliyot and women, a misheberach. Now they also started a minyan at 8:00 a.m. to allow employees who live far away to daven Shachrit!


On Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 5776, 7-July 2016, we opened the schul and dedicated the Sefer Torah. During the dedication, we held Bar Mitzvahs for members who had never celebrated their own Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13! This was the first time in 75-80 years that such an event happened on the Kibbutz located near Har Tavor. The Mayor of Jezreel Valley attended. Rav Raanan said “it’s the first time in my life that ladies were escorting the Sefer Torah and were sobbing openly, completely overcome by emotion!” Rav Raanan invites you to stop by the Kibbutz when you are in Israel to daven there! Although there are no weekday minyanim yet, IY”H there will be soon!
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  • Sde Nechemia Synagogue

    Over five years ago, Ayelet Hashachar (“AH”) began working in Kibbutz Sde Nechemia, among various of the Kibbutzim in Emek HaHula.  It all started with a phone call from a resident looking for a place to daven.  “I’m davening under a street lamp by myself,” he explained. Two weeks he called back: “I put a sign on the lamppost “mechakim l’tisha,” “waiting for nine”!  Erev Pesach, he asked “what will I do on Pesach”?  Rav Raanan brought his entire family and everything they needed to make Pesach to the Kibbutz.  Rav Raanan and his family hosted more than 20 meals during the week and to each one they invited different members of the Kibbutz, sharing Pesach stories and sparking friendships. 


    Two months later sparks ignited: ten members of the Kibbutz agreed to daven together every l’eyel Shabbos.  Seeing the commitment of its residents, the Kibbutz agreed to provide them with a place daven. AH provided furniture and a Sefer Torah.  Slowly, the davening “circle” widened and the Kibbutz understood that it was time to build a schul in the center of the Kibbutz.  The Kibbutz was expanding and accepting new members from all over, including traditional Jews who needed a schlul. 


    AH thought it fitting dedicate the schul in memory of Tamar Ariel, A”H, the first religious female navigator in the Israeli Air Force, since the Chief of the Air Force Base where she had been stationed came from that Kibbutz, and the Kibbutz wanted to memorialize her.  The architectural plans for the schul beautiful.  AH together with the Israeli Government has raised 80% of the costs to break ground (close to 1,000,000 NIS).  But, AH can’t break ground until it raises the remaining 300,000 NIS.  If you would like to be part of this project or hear more about it, please contact Rav Shlomo Raanan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and referencing “Sde Nechemia.”



  • “Unetane Tokef”

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  • We’re steaming ahead with our activities of building Schuls, dedicating Sifrei Torah, etc. at Kibbutz Yifat in Emek Yisrael, Moshav Ein Yahav in the Aravah, and Kibbutz Yot Zeta near Eilat.