Newsletter June 2014

Modiin Community Synagogue opens its doors for the first Shabbat

Israel's Chief Rabbi and former Chief Rabbi of Modiin afixed the mezuzah to the new building of the Ayelet Hashachar Community Synagogue.
With enourmous joy and gratitude to Hashem the first Shabbat services were held in the newly built Ayelet Hashachar Community Synagogue.
After 12 years of activity in the city of Modiin, this was a moving event, the beginning of, what we pray will be many more services, education, celebrations and communal togetherness.

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Kibbutz Nir Am celebrates its first Bar Mitzvah


Gvaram gets Sefer Torah for new synagogue


70 Kibbutzim & Moshavim in Shavuos night time learning sessions.

Rabbi Shlomo Raanan, Ayelet Hashachar’s Director and his family spent a recent Shabbat at Kibbutz Nir Am where they participated in the first Bar Mitzvah celebration ever held on the Kibbutz.

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Kibbutz Gvaram’s fledgling shul is excited to have finally received it's own Sefer Torah. This signals the beginning of a permanent minyan on the kibbutz. Ayelet Hashachar thanks its kind donors for their participation in this unique synagogue especially for the chairs recently received there.




Another first for Ayelet Hashachar is the holding of study sessions in Israeli kibbutzim to celebrate the Shavuot holiday. Ayelet Hashachar is sending Rabbis to spend the holiday in various kibbutzim to share their knowledge with unaffiliated Israelis.

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Rabbi Uri Zohar addresses Kibbutz Nir Am "Putting it all on the Table"

Kibbutz Nir Am was the venue of the first public talk given by Rabbi Uri Zohar for almost ten years. He addressed members of Nir Am and neiboring kibbutzim and moshavim who were very intrigued to hear his personal journey towareds the absolute belief in the authenticity of the Torah.
It was a vibrant forum of give and take, addressing the subjects the audience were most interested to hear. Ayelet Hashachar is very grateful to Rabbi Zohar for assisting us in our great mission of bridging the gap between religious and secular Israelis.
Rosh Chodesh Sivan Prayers held in Tiberias   Shmittah Meetings accross Israel
Ayelet Hashachar said special prayers at the resting place of the Holy Rabbi, The Shlah Hakadosh in Tiberias this Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Prayers were said particularly for the Ayelet Hashachar family.
A special evening was held later in our Community Kollel in Kiryat Tivon where Nir Shani, resident of Kiryat Tivon and Chavrutah, regailed the group with his talented group activities.
Shmittah meetings are in full swing in moshavim and yishuvim accross Israel to educate and encourage farmers to observe the coming Shmittah year. 
In Moshav Chatzav, situated close to the City of Ashdod, the Chief Rabbi of Komemiyut HaRav Moshe Mendelsohn encouraged the farmers who kept Shmittah telling them that they were bringing the 'Geula' closer in their merit.



  • Farmers Shmittah Conference - Rav Chaim Weintrob

    Thurs 23/02/2014, 20:00

  • Sdot Yam, Rosh Chodesh with Arik Shachar

    Thurs 30/1/2014, 21:00

  • Kiryat Tivon Rosh Chodesh Party in memory of Rav Chaim Weintrob's son

    Thurs 30/1/2014 17:30

  • Chavrutah Farmers, Moshav Vered Yericho, Shmittah Meeting

     Thurs 30/01/2014, 20:00

  • Modiin Tour of Jerusalem on Thursday

     19 Jan 2014 - 18:00

  • Modiin: Tu B'Shvat Party with the Chief Rabbis of Israel, in Memory of HaRav Ovadia Yosef

    Migdal David 18:00 Tues 17 Jan 2014

  • Sdot Yam: Rosh Chodesh Event with Performer Arik Shachar

    1/1/2014 20:30

  • Shulamit - Melaveh Malka for women with Rabbanit Pninit Chazan,

     Beit Uziel, 20:000

  • Beit Nekofa, Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer

    08/12/2013 15:00-20:00​ at the local synagogue.

  • Press Article on Ayelet Hashachar progress in building Kibbutz Shuls