Newsletter February 2014

Secular Farmers rallying to join Shmittah Observance
Avigdor Arbel of Moshav Masuah in the Jordan Valley who grows mainly Majul dates on his 400 dumans as well as figs and pomegranates has been studying with his Ayelet Hashachar chavrutah Shimon Goldberg for over a year. Another farmer, Shimon Galem has 50 dunam where he also grows dates and studies with Yaakov Rozenberg.

Shmittah Conferences and study meetings around the country

Great Joy as Maayan Baruch moves minyan to temporary shul building



Joining hands with the Keren HaShviis,  Ayelet Hashachar’s is involved with intensive efforts to expand the list of farmers willing to study and keep the laws of Shmitta.
Farmers of Moshav Patish were addressed by the Rabbi of Komemiyut, HaRav Moshe Mendelsohn and Rav Ovadia Levi of Keren HaShviis. 7 new famers signed up to join our efforts.
Yaakov Rozenberg from Chavrutah is scheduled to speak to Farmers from Yishuv Kfar Yoval and the surrounding neiborhood  this month. Rabbi Chaim Veintrob of Kiryat Tivon will address Farmers in Dovev.
Ayelet Hashachar donated an Aron Kodesh to house the sefer Torah for Kibbutz Maayan Baruch. Situated in Northern Israel near the Syrian and Lebanese Border it was originally founded in March 1947 by immigrants. A more permanent building is already on the cards. The minyan is being moved from the home of the Toledano family where it has been for the last year and a half. Thanks go to the lawyer, Chagai Merom whose assistance has been invaluable.




As Purim swifly approaches, Ayelet Hashachar staff are already moving into action. Megillah readings are scheduled for over 80 locations. Kibbutzim and Moshavim thrill to the fun that we bring them at this time of the year. DONATIONS TOWARDS PURIM MEGILLAH READINGS VERY WELCOME !!





Modiin Community Synagogue up and ready

Ayelet Hashachar's Community Synagogue in the midst of the secular city of Modiin is close to completion. 800 families are already closely associated with our 11 resident avreichim and thier families who work 24/7 to create unity and friendship. 250 participants attend 70 public shiurim each week; 80 girls at our girls Midrasha, 55 boys take part in 6 youth programs and 60 one on one chavrutot take place each week.

Chavrutah   Thanks from Moshav Moledet

With 16,000 chavrutot already studying on a one-to-one weekly telephone basis, our Chavrutot are constantly expanding. This is one of Ayelet Hashachar's most exciting and vibrant programs, happening behind closed walls, it is the core of true unity.

I wish to thank you for the equipment that you provided our Synagogue in Moshav Moledet. Over the last year we have had the merit to create a beautiful shul.  Moledet was established in 1937 as a shared settlement under the auspices of ‘Chomer and Migdal’. About 30 years ago a group of members had the initiative to create a synagogue but, over all that time, services were held in the dining room. At last, with your help, we have a suitable building with the status it deserves.
Once again, many thanks. May you be blessed to achieve many more good deeds.
Chaim Shalosh,
Chairman, Synagogue committee, Moshav Moledet



  • Farmers Shmittah Conference, Dovev - Rav Chaim Weintrob

    Thurs 23/02/2014, 20:00

  • Sdot Yam, Rosh Chodesh with Arik Shachar

    Thurs 30/1/2014, 21:00

  • Kiryat Tivon Rosh Chodesh Party in memory of Rav Chaim Weintrob's son

    Thurs 30/1/2014 17:30

  • Chavrutah Farmers in Moshav Vered Yericho shmittah meeting.

     Thurs 30/01/2014, 20:00

  • Modiin Tour of Jerusalem Thurs

     19 Jan 2014 - 18:00

  • Modiin - Tu B'shvat party with the Cheif Rabbis of Israel in memory of HaRav Ovadia Yosef

    Migdal David 18:00 Tues 17 Jan 2014

  • Sdot Yam, Rosh Chodesh with Artist Arik Shachar,

    1/1/2014 20:30

  • Shulamit - Melaveh Malka for women with Rabbanit Pninit Chazan,

     Beit Uziel, 20:000

  • Beit Nekofa, Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer

    08/12/2013 15:00-20:00​ at the local synagogue.

  • Press Article on Ayelet Hashachar progress in building Kibbutz Shuls


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