Ben Gurion is Smiling on Kibbutz Sde Boker

After eight months we finished the Synagogue in Kibbutz Sde Boker. The carpenter who built the Aharon Kodesh (the Ark which holds the Torah scrolls), and Bima (the raised table on which the scrolls are placed for reading) surveyed the surrounding environs both natural and man-made. Based on his survey he created and built the extraordinary Aharon Kodesh and Bima. On January 3, 2016 we dedicated the beautiful Synagogue (which includes spectacular mosaics both on the walls and floors) and a sefer Torah. Rav Raanan spent the Shabbos before the dedication at Sde Boker. During the course of that Shabbos, one of the members asked Rav Raanan: “I wonder what would Ben Gurion would say about this event?” Rav Raanan responded that Ben Gurion was very concerned about Jewish history, so he would have said ‘without our Jewish history, our roots our culture, we Jews are lost; so he would be smiling at us now.’ The day after the dedication Sde Boker members celebrated a Bar Mitzvah of one of their own son’s in the new Synagogue. Here is the link for the movie of the event:

Dedication of Sefer Torah at Bet Berel College in Kfar Saba

We dedicated Sefer Torah in Beit Berel on January 4, 2016 the day after the dedication in Sde Boker. Here’s the link to that movie:

Batei Midrash (Houses of Learning) for Men and Rabbinic Lectures for Women

We great excitement, anticipation and amazing participation, we inaugurated five night learning programs for men at (1) Yishuv Tal-El (communal settlement located between Akko and Karmiel in the Galilee), (2) Yishuv Ben Ami (agricultural settlement located close to Nahariya on the border with Lebanon), (3) Yishuv Ziv HaGalil a/k/a Neve Ziv (communal settlement close to Nahariya on border with Lebanon), (4) Shlomit (also on border with Lebanon), and (5) Moshav Ya’ara (20 km east of Nahariya near Lebanon). And, at Kibbutz Beit HaShita in Emek Jezreel (north central Israel) we began lectures for women from 20 surrounding Kibbutzim and Moshavim. Wonderful Rabbis will be giving the lectures, introducing and reconnecting these women to their Jewish roots.

Please join us for two Synagogues and Sifrei Torah Dedications: The first, February 18, 2016 at Kibbutz Kfar Menachem led by Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi Rav David Lau, and the second at the end of February at Kibbutz Dovrat

For five years we have been working at Kfar Menachem, a Hashomer HaTzair Kibbutz (located in south central Israel not far from Kiriyat Malachi) holding holiday services, teaching classes, etc. and now we are dedicating the Synagogue and a Sefer Torah there. And, at the end of February please join us at Kibbutz Dovrat in Emek Jezreel, near Afula for the Synagogue and Sefer Torah Dedication (exact date and details to follow for the event at Kibbutz Dovrat).
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  • “Unetane Tokef”

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  • We’re steaming ahead with our activities of building Schuls, dedicating Sifrei Torah, etc. at Kibbutz Yifat in Emek Yisrael, Moshav Ein Yahav in the Aravah, and Kibbutz Yot Zeta near Eilat.

  • Talmidei Chachamim (Torah Scholars) who are also Baalei Tokea (highly skilled shofar blowers) teach the art of blowing Shofar to Secular Kibbutzniks and Moshavniks